The Big Three

Before building a business strategy, there are three big numbers every business should know.

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The Valuation Gap

The difference between what your business is actually worth right now and what you would like it to be worth is The Valuation Gap. We help you to understand what drives value into your business and use this tool to push your business forward.

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Profit Vs Cash Flow

We help you understand the difference between profit and cash flow. We give you the ability to measure it and build a strategy around it to give your business the best chance to be consistently cash flow positive.

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Data Integrity

It is likely that your financial data is masking your financial reality. There’s a bunch of reasons why it can occur and it is a very dangerous thing to have in your business. We help you separate data into meaningful information so you can make better strategic financial decisions.


Discover how OURCFO can drive your numbers and scale your business.


OURCFO have helped hundreds of small to medium enterprises in Perth eliminate their financial chaos, develop a clear and undisputed view on their financial position and achieve confidence and clarity with their business making decisions.

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Unrivalled expertise for your growing business.

OURCFO offers a flexible and cost-effective way to access our entire team’s broad range of expertise you’ll never find wrapped up in one internal hire. On average we allocate 3 – 5 team members to each client, helping solve a wide range of problems, leaving you free to focus on what you do best – run your business.

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Bridging the gap between reality and your dreams.

At OURCFO, we work with Perth’s leading SMEs and specialize in data integrity. We cut through the smoke and mirrors to see your true financial position. We get crystal clear on your current reality, implement the right strategy to grow your business, allowing you to fulfil your dreams

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