Meet the Team

Meet Our Team

You can be assured you are in safe hands with our world-class team of experts. You can also be assured that we are not your usual accounting types. Available on demand to support you.

Greg Smargiassi Ceo Greg Smargiassi Hover

Greg Smargiassi

Founder & CEO

Greg regained his personality after selling his tax accounting business, but not his hair! Greg's interests include surfing, health & fitness, travelling, music and cafe racers. Greg collects fine guitars and dreams of being a rock star outside of his bedroom.

RME 2022 06 04 7 Removebg Preview Ronna May Refuerzo Hover

Ronna May Estanislao

Team Leader -  Operations

The only thing Ronna loves more than her milk tea is her family. She enjoys spending time with them and exploring Philippines incredible scenery and nearby Southeast Asian neighbors. Now with two daughters in tow, the family became bigger and happier, but travel escapades have been put into a brief hold. She is now looking forward to reset the travel button once things go back to normal.

MDC 2022 06 05 Removebg Preview (1) Maralifestyle

Mara Dela Cruz

Team Lead - Data Analytics

As OURCFO’s resident songbird, this bubbly girl believes that there is always something to sing about (even balance sheets and income statements). She’s also quite the storyteller and is often regaling her teammates with inspiring anecdotes.

Khang Nguyen Cfo Khang BNW

Khang Nguyen

Consulting CFO

Besides analysing forex charts & writing Java program codes outside his work hours, Khang enjoys taking his motorbike to Barbagallos raceway for a spin around the racetrack to improve his race. At other times, you may poke him with philosophical discussion

OGC Removebg Preview 2 Obie Capisonda Hover

Obie Gail Capisonda

Senior Accountant

Aside from crunching numbers, being silly with colors and lines is what Obie loves to do. She enjoys playing with sketchpads and watercolors, and most of all, this jolly girl is full of funny banter and love to binge watching comedy movies in her spare time.

Ben Mallis Ben Mallis Hover

Benjiman Mallis

Consulting CFO

Ben is an avid sports enthusiast and writer, spending his spare time interviewing athletes and writing feature articles within the sports world. A perfect day for Ben is one spent unplugged from technology,  enjoying the wonderful state of WA.

Crissy Removebg Preview Criselda Felipe Hover

Criselda Felipe

Senior Accountant

She has an adventurous spirit that enjoy many things. She loved music and a great admirer of boybands, a big fan of the movies especially Harry Potter. Also, an active person who enjoys badminton, bowling and swimming.

JKA Removebg Preview (2) JKA Removebg Preview

Jezzi Kristi Abat

Data Analyst

Jezzi is one of the newer members of the team and a father of a cute dog. Aside from Budgeting and Forecasting for the clients, you can see him playing basketball on the streets, playing on his console or PC or playing guitar on his free time. You can literally talk anything with Jezzi, Movies, Series, Anime, Sports, K-pop and all that geeky stuff. Truly a definition of work hard, play hard.


Cedilyn Pabustan


Cedilyn is quite an introvert person. She is most likely to be home and watch Korean drama series and Anime than going out with friends. Playing with her cute little niece is her way of brightening up her day. Despite of being a home buddy, her dream is to sail around the world.  

Brown Modern Happy Birthday (Flyer (Landscape)) Brown Modern Happy Birthday (Flyer (Landscape))

Almira Illustrisimo


Ali likes to do all the works during weekdays and spends her weekends with her loved ones. As a music lover, she is looking forward to meeting Black Pink soon. She also dreams of traveling the world with her own family. So, how you like that?

Jmv Removebg Preview Jmv Removebg Preview

Jemaeca Mae Villanueva

Data Analyst

Jem is one of the soft-spoken members of the team but really loves dancing. She is an adventurous girl who enjoys spontaneous eating and travelling with friends or family - but hoping to do this again once she welcomes this little boy inside her. She also loves listening to music, especially K-Pop and watching American legal drama TV series.

SSJ Removebg Preview (4) SSJ Removebg Preview (4)

Stephen San Juan 


Though Stephen may seem reserved, he is quite bold at doing things he likes, especially engaging in sports and travel to different places. He is also a food enthusiast and plans to taste different kinds of food from all around the world. Stephen appreciates having time for himself to just lay around and disconnect from the world.

Untitled Design (2) Untitled Design (2)

Korina Balayo


EK may have a very soft heart but she has a resilient one. EK really loves to sing that if she ever has a chance to fulfill her biggest dream as a famous singer, she will eventually grab it. She also loves sports especially playing basketball and practice sessions in boxing. She also loves animals and has an advocacy to protect animals. She is also an advocate for education for youth as she was member of an organization who reach out remote places to give educational supplies for the kids lives in there. But despite of having a lot of things and goals to achieve, EK’s priority are still her family, friends and her relationship with God.

RUFA Removebg Preview RUFA Removebg Preview

Ruffa Ojeda

Client Services Coordinator

Ruffa’s personality is brighter than her hair color for the month. Being the outgoing and cheerful one in the team, she spends most of her free time catching up with her friends, playing with her four dogs and watching live performances of Filipino bands and Korean groups that inspires her.

Jean Verzo Jean Verzo

Jean Verzo

Marketing Content Coordinator

As she embraces the messy yet beautiful journey of motherhood, this queen of the mom bun finds immense joy in spending time with her little one, savoring her favorite brew of coffee, and indulging in Netflix marathons. A true testament to the power of balance, she effortlessly navigates the delicate dance between her personal passions and professional obligations. Jean eagerly anticipates the opportunity to reignite her creative spark through the art of crafting and to weave unforgettable travel tales with her cherished ones by her side.

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