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OURCFO Vs Internal Resource

There are so many benefits to using OURCFO, however some of the most compelling reasons is due to the sheer cost savings in outsourcing the CFO function.

In addition, with OURCFO you can access to a team of experts, which is rarely attainable in one resource. The below tables detail the cost comparison between OURCFO and a typical internal employee as well as a breakdown in skillset.

Time to find a resource Immediate 1-4 months
Recruitment fee $0 $30,000 (15% of salary package)
Quality guarantee Guaranteed NIL
Failure rate Very Low Low
Termination costs None Very High
Annual cost $40,000 $100,000 - $250,000

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OURCFO have helped hundreds of small to medium enterprises in Perth eliminate their financial chaos, develop a clear and undisputed view on their financial position and achieve confidence and clarity with their business making decisions.

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