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Watching the occasional game of AFL football on the television really demonstrates to me the level of professionalism that has entered the game, even over the last couple of years.

Data, data, data!

One of the things that stands out for me is the real time statistical information available on game day. Data is available to the coaching groups as the game is in progress.

There is a saying ‘what you measure you can manage. If you’re not measuring it, you’re not managing it.’
The AFL clubs certainly understand the value of measuring. They know intrinsically what key metrics will deliver game day success.

These key metrics are so important that the clubs build their game plans around them. If their game plans achieve the metrics that are desired, great! They’ll keep their game plan intact. If not, then the game plan is adjusted until the desired metrics are achieved.

Metrics to Success

In the context of the business world, the concept of measuring is exactly the same. What you measure you can manage.

By getting clear on the key metrics, sometimes called Key Performance Indicators or KPIs, that drive the performance of your business, your chances of achieving success will be greatly enhanced.

Here’s the challenge: experience tells me that the vast majority of small and medium businesses do not monitor their key drivers of success. Research tells me that the vast majority of owners do not achieve the kind of results they desire from their business.

Isn’t that interesting?

Michael Gerber, a business guru and author says ‘a big business was just a small business that did the right thing’. Measuring and monitoring as your business operates is one of those ‘right things.’

You may or may not want to be a bigger business, but either way if you truly want to be one of the minority who has a business with above average performance, then you absolutely must pay attention to your key drivers of success.

If you do not focus on your key drivers, it’s like driving your car with your windscreen painted black. Would you drive a car like that? 

The greater the level of your focus on your key drivers, the greater your success will ultimately be.

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