GCo's electrical construction company, national based that specialises in delivery of infrastructure and industrial projects. We also offer services...maintenance services and asset support to our clients.

GCo knew that we were profitable. What we didn't know was a lot of things about our business financially and we didn't know whether... whether our numbers were actually working for us and that's what we needed help with from Greg and OURCFO. So what OURCFO has done for us to help us through that decision making, what we needed to do was to line all our financial reporting systems so everyone at GCo actually understood what we were trying to achieve and they understood what we wanted to achieve.

One of the things that our reporting was endeavoring to do was to get rid of the Meth Effect or new Meth Effect so our numbers weren't contaminated and they actually meant something to us and that we could use that to forward think and plan our business. So the reporting and monitoring systems that we'd now developed with OURCFO as part of our team means that we can forward project what we're doing in our business financially and we can also share this with our supervisors and our managers and that's how we've created our KPIs to get our business to work well. We now have confidence in our numbers.

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